Oakwood House Senior Care

“With deep gratitude to everyone at Oakwood House who shared so much love for my Mom, you took such good care of her for the past few years. She loves and appreciates each of you, as we do! I wanted to thank you for the family night this week. You all go the extra mile to plan activities for the residents. There is always something going on at Oakwood. Dad who is 92 even felt like dancing a little this week. He has come so far since he came to live at Oakwood. Thank you for all you do.”
– Cheryl and Mike S.

“Oakwood is not just an apartment complex, it is home. It is a way of being part of a family, part of a place of peace, set apart from the rest of the world. It is our own sanctuary. Oakwood is this extraordinary place where people have bonded.”
– Resident

“When our father could no longer live independently, we struggled with the decision to move him away from his home and into an assisted living facility. We worried about how he would acclimate, how he could create a “home away from home.” We found our answer in Oakwood! The caregivers have been attentive to his needs, supportive to our family through this transition, and have truly accepted our father into the Oakwood family. We couldn’t be more pleased with how welcoming and accommodating the staff has been, and our father smiles a bigger smile now. Thank you Oakwood!”
– Family of a Resident


“This is a great place.  I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to be around every day.  It’s like living next door to your best friends.  When one of us aren’t feeling well, then we always go check in on our sick friend and give them our well wishes.  It’s like one big family here.  I’m telling you, I LOVE IT!  I wish I would have moved here years ago!”                                                                   -Resident


“Oakwood House is truly special.  We have fun and just laugh and cut up all the time!  We get to do all sorts of games and activities that keep us busy.  I haven’t been bored yet, and I’ve lived here for 2 years.  And I don’t have to cook anymore!  What could be better?!                                                                      –Resident